Don’t let your flesh take dominion over you

A Phrase Running Through
April 30, 2018

Don’t let your flesh take dominion over you

I understand it is not easy to control our thoughts but we have to remember one thing, what we are gaining by letting our flesh to take power on our thoughts? Is any worth? Nothing but a waste of time which gives us a feeling of regret, disappointment and anger. Our Mind is one of the powerful weapon that God has given to us and as you may know that our thoughts are comes from that powerful mind. God had given us the power to fill positive thoughts into our mind. It is our responsibility take control on our thoughts. All our actions are based on how we feed our thoughts. Your action should not resulting negative outcome but it should produce happy and satisfying outcome.
Ask Jesus to teach you to how to fill a positive thoughts into your mind. He is our creator. Don’t feel guilty or feel bad to ask Jesus to help you over and over. He is a compassionate God and a loving father who understands you even how many times you have turned him down. Tell yourself one more time today that you are totally going to surrender your mind into God’s feet so that He will guide you on how to apply a positive thoughts into your mind. God spirit will guide you not your flesh.

Let’s pray now with sincere heart.
Heavenly father, Thank you for bringing me into this world as a human. I am surrender my thoughts into your feet. Please fill positive thoughts into my brain. I don’t want to be slave to my flesh but walk in spirit. Please teach me Lord. In name of Jesus I Pray . Amen !

Scripture to meditate:
I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me . (Philippines 4:19)

Always remember:
You are able to control your thoughts because Christ gives you the strength. You tell your mind what to think and don’t let your mind to tell you what to think.