Faith in the wilderness

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May 1, 2018
Stay connected with Jesus despite of your circumstance
July 23, 2018

Faith in the wilderness

It is not enough when you said you have faith but no action in your faith. Faith without action is dead. Yes, Faith require action. I understand it’s not easy to have a faith when you are in your toughest journey. But who do we have if we cannot trust God and place our faith in Him? Though we have many people surrounds us to comfort and support us but yet only God can do supernatural thing. Nothing is too difficult for him, Trust him and expect supernatural things to take place in your journey and be faithful to have faith on Him even though seems like no hope. Bring Abraham to your thoughts, in hope he believed against hope. He didn’t weaken in his faith but grew stronger as he was fully convinced that God is able to do what He had promised. This is what is called “faith”. Trusting God before you have it. Ask God to teach you to have faith like Abraham. He is our teacher, ask Him for a guidance. Who can be a better teacher than our heavenly father? Most important is you should not doubt Him. Even if you have a doubts, ask God to remove the doubts from your mind and let Him place a spirit of faith in your heart. In His perfect time He will make things to come to pass. Your wilderness journey will turn to be a joyful journey.

Let’s pray now with sincere heart.
Heavenly father, you know what I am going through (Tell Him your situation that you are going through first). Though He knows what you are going through, but He expect you to tell him like how you share with your friend or loved ones. Help me to have a faith in you. Teach me which direction that I should go and what to do. Speak to me Lord. Please remove the doubts feeling that I am having and increase my faith in you. I know you able to do more than what we ask or think. I am expecting a supernatural thing to happen in my life and I will be a testimony to many. Thank you father. In name of Jesus I pray. Amen

Scripture to meditate:
If you believe, you will see the glory of God. ( John 11:40)

Always remember:
Don’t doubt God but believe in Him 100% .Though God loves everybody equally but He has different plan for each of us. Our job is to trust Him doesn’t matter in any circumstance and surely He will show us the path in His perfect timing. . Faith without action is dead. Trust God and start act on your action.